Online trading is a very well developed and continues to grow. There are many sites where you can buy shares online. Before making an investment they must consider the risks. Investing in shares is an investment that aims to turn a profit. It is not a guaranteed investment, but an option of the investor, trying in this way to exploit better the available financial resources. Always a normal-financial market risk associated with a higher profitability is in turn higher. From this point of view, the investor in shares must know that the expected returns on an investment in shares may not always appear immediately and depends on many factors of which the most important is the future success of the company in whose stock investing. The first thing a person willing to invest in stocks you have to decide is the amount you allocate to the acquisition of such assets. A few tips that should be considered: investment must be made by the financial possibilities; accepting that you took the wrong idea; well studied companies that want to buy shares. In conclusion, before you start an online transaction, your carefully documented risks that are involved and the possibility of obtaining a profit. Stendal, Germany