The outer planetary changes that shape your different life aspects are literally active all the time. And your efforts to mitigate the impact would work but again only momentarily or inadequately because no matter how hard you try, there is no way you can control a planet’s position or corresponding cosmic dynamics. Therefore fighting against the destiny, especially regarding wealth and finance is somewhat of a lost cause. Not completely, but yes significantly.

How can I double my bonds? How can I multiply my funds? What do my stars say about my financial prosperity? When will I get a raise at work? If such questions are constantly popping in your head and you just can’t get the idea of becoming rich out of your mind, then there is no need to worry because this is a fairly natural human reflex towards budding aspirations. And besides, nothing in this world can ever replace the importance of money. Sure, it can’t buy you love, but it can indeed make your life a lot easier by paying all your bills.

But the question still remains if Astrology can help you improve your finances. Well to find a practical answer to this question one needs to have a fine understanding of Astrology and birth chart. The thing is, each aspect of life – love, career, education, etc. can be broken down into basic Astrological mathematics which principally includes transit, houses, retrogrades and of course, with a hint of the horoscope.

We say financial fortune is written in your stars because if we go into technical details of Astrology and birth chart, we would come across certain formulas and specific techniques designed by ancient visionaries that accurately determine an individual’s wealth prosperity.

Houses ninth and fifth are considered to be the corners of wealth accumulation while the house no. second is one that controls the inflow of money. Planetary drift amongst these particular houses is what decides whether you are going to travel through business class or economy, or if your stocks are going to last this session.

Another key element into financial astrology is the movement of planet Saturn or what commonly referred to as the voice of karma in Astrology. Saturn is known to be slow and hence it takes around thirty years to complete one revolution. This comes out as an average of two and a half years per zodiac. So when Saturn is traveling through a particular sign, the ascendant might experience difficulty, loss, unexpected complications, and basically all things that curb the flow of money. But interestingly, all your efforts during this time will reap rewards once Saturn period is over. Karma you see!

Similarly, there are a lot of other events and planets that influence your financial prosperity. Thus, making it a predetermined aspect like your destiny.