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How to start learning cryptocurrency for beginners

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Crypto Assets Have Disadvantages:

High volatility of bitcoin, other coins and tokens. The course is influenced by various factors, large changes are possible in 1 day.
Irreversibility of transactions. This advantage is also a disadvantage. The transfer to the wrong address cannot be canceled, the money will be lost forever.
Application of complex cryptographic methods. Powerful protection can also be a disadvantage. If the user loses the private keys and the seed phrase, he will not receive money.
The first cryptocurrency was bitcoin. The rest of the digital money is called altcoins. They can be based on the Bitcoin blockchain or use other decentralized networks.

How to Study cryptocurrency
The basic definitions of the digital world have been passed. Further study of bitcoin depends on the goals set. Information is presented on various resources, books have been written, including in Russian. They are easy to understand, designed for beginners. Main topics: blockchain, bitcoin, other altcoins and tokens.

In general , the study scheme is as follows:

Sort out the types of crypto assets (coins, tokens).
View the rating of digital money (sites with detailed information will help - for example, ).
Understand the storage features, sort out the types of crypto wallets, find out what private keys and a seed phrase are.
Identify ways to purchase assets.
To deal with the receipt of income.
Understand how you can spend coins, what to do with them.
Examine security measures.
There are a lot of scammers. They create new methods of deceiving users. You need to know how hackers can steal funds.

The rating displays the top assets, taking into account the volume of capitalization and other parameters. Popular coins and tokens get there, but do not forget about the rest of the virtual currencies. They can represent promising projects, you need to correctly assess the possible earnings.

To study assets, you can find information resources that collect information from cryptocurrency exchanges, make ratings. They also create analytics, graphs, and historical data. You can select the necessary services and save them in the browser bookmarks.

For trading, experts recommend cryptocurrency exchanges. Large platforms provide many different tools, opportunities to earn money on the volatility of coins. There are ratings of exchanges that will allow you to choose a resource.

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