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Instructions for writing an essay.

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* Small volume. Ideally, the volume of the text should not exceed five printed pages, in font size 12-14. Most often, the essay is asked to fit on two pages, of course, it depends on the requirements of your teacher.
* Clearly formulated topic. Besides, she should be alone. Since the essay is a small volume of work, then the problems in it should be addressed on a narrow, specific topic.
* Simplicity of narration. Don't be afraid to use different means of expression and color the text emotionally. Metaphors, comparisons and epithets will fit well here. Write in simple sentences without overloading the text with adverbial phrases. You should avoid slang and other slang words, do not forget, your work will be checked by the teacher.
* Clear and understandable structure. The essay has its own logic of text construction. It is she who distinguishes this work from the rest of the works, we will talk about this a little later.
* Dividing the text into paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain one main idea. Paragraphs should be logically and stylistically related.
* Conciseness of narration. "Brevity is the sister of talent" - have you ever heard such an expression? It's just about the essay. The work should not contain anything superfluous, each sentence contains only the information that reflects the person's position on the topic.
* Clear author's position. In fact, this is why this work is being created – to find out the author's opinion on a particular issue.
* The author's position should be supported by arguments. Simply expressing your point of view is not enough, the argumentation of choosing a particular position is valuable here. After all, this work is aimed at developing students' critical thinking.
* The work should be a reflection of the author's knowledge. It is important to show that you understand the topic, for this you can use specific terms and theoretical concepts.

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