’investing on the stock market’ The beginning; the first advice in the world of financial markets: if you do not know what to buy in the stock market, and when you’re supposed to sell, you have three options. The first option: to work hard to rehabilitate yourself and teaching in the field of finance and business, to reach at least to a level that entitles you to understand the financial statements of the companies, and the ability to infer the basic financial indicators (Kaid the owners rights, and profit growth or decline, Repeater profits, book value , etc.). He believes that this is a long road and hard on you, if you let’s go to the next option. The second option: to authorize someone else manage your money, with the need to be available when certain conditions; to be someone who is licensed by the Capital Market Authority, the statutory license requires in its content that this person is qualified scientifically and practically in the economic and financial aspects, also requires that he has passed a number examinations imposed by the Capital market Authority to approve a license that, and that tranquility would send in the heart of the statutory and contractual with this person or entity licensed; that every nook and cranny of your management tasks are subject to the control and audit, monitoring and examination of supervisory and regulatory agencies on the market! Of course, this has nothing to do to ensure a profit or loss, but for less money than that, the area is available to them through mutual funds, which almost managed according to multiple models based on investment and financial standards considered professionally in the world of money and Alaguetsa In order to be a successful investor, it is important to be aware of market sensitive information. Often stock prices are affected by many different factors, including: Announcement profitability Dividend per share Announcement Fluctuations in economic factors relating to the performance of the company Regulatory developments that affect the company’s performance, including, for example, a change in the tax system The investor must be aware of the factors described above, which can either be paid the share price up or drop by for a minimum Watampone, Indonesia