New Russian television online channel featured and featuring other Russian news channels as a specialist in Area news coverage, this is from the news side, either on the side of our interest, I mean the technical aspect, they are the channels that rely on all their covers and their investigations on a smartphone rather than on a satellite-linked camera or on the Internet. Usually when a reporter or delegate of any channel moves to the place of events to cover it, accompanied by a photographer with a great camera for event photography, often a camera connected via satellite to the canal’s headquarters for direct coverage, heavy equipments that call for a vehicle and many and expensive possibilities. It’s over this afternoon, as the journalist moves to the spot with his smartphone intelligent levels are very high, he is able to convey photos or make direct interventions he is in front of his phone, as if he captures Sylvie’s picture. Full channel... The news channel does its work on smartphones, many advantages, its first and no other, and of course the enormous cost difference cameras and satellite communications, briefly, giant steps at the cost level and the speed of coverage are provided by new smartphones. 10871