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Who are lesbians?

MensajeEscrito el 27 Feb 2022 04:51 am
At the word "lesbian" in most people, the image of a tomboy girl immediately appears in their heads, which imitates male behavior, manner of speaking, appearance. It is difficult to find another topic that would be so covered with myths and speculation on the part of society.

In the vastness of the CIS countries, which are not known to be intolerant of LGBT culture, there is an opinion that lesbians are a perversion that arrived in clean and innocent post-Soviet countries from America or corrupted Europe.

As can be seen from a brief digression into history, modern society is not so depraved, and same-sex love is not at all the fruit of emancipation and permissiveness.

Psychological research on the topic of same-sex love in girls would be incomplete without the old man Freud with his views on the account of the bisexuality of people by nature and the ability to lean towards both men and women in the process of growth and development. Psychologists identify several reasons why girls become lesbians.

Family troubles
Problems in the family cause the girl to develop love for same-sex sex. The behavior of the parents forms in the child the attitude towards the representatives of the opposite sex in the person of the father.

If his mother constantly humiliates him, he is insignificant and his mother does not get tired of emphasizing the uselessness of a man in the lives of women. Another stone in the foundation of the future lesbian will be the complete absence of contact with the mother. At this time, a friend becomes an adviser and an object that gives love and understanding.

Physical Data
Girls are beautiful and ugly. The first category turns into real idols in the eyes of the boys, who flood them with gifts and compliments, offer to make friends and communicate.

Therefore, many girls love girls. They form heterosexual girls. Ugly girls are constantly ridiculed by more attractive girls and boys and are forced to take the defensive and become successful in the eyes of the boys.

They gravitate toward aggressive sports, assert their authority in a male company, and become more like a guy in life. Perhaps some of them will find a morally weak man, and the second part will become lesbians or will gravitate toward sex as a dominant.

Por Jaweiro

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MensajeEscrito el 27 Feb 2022 10:43 am
The main source of her unrestrained flirtation is that she is constantly experimenting. At first she liked men, then she became bisexual, now she likes women exclusively. What else would this crazy girl come up with? Parents are crazy about her antics already. But this site is really cool, there was time to look and see for yourself. Besides, there is entertainment for everyone there, not only for girls.

Por Ricos

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MensajeEscrito el 22 Mar 2022 08:07 pm
Ja, jeg hørte fra en venn om mirakelpiller som hjelper med mange helseproblemer og evnen til bedre trivsel klikk her. Og det jeg likte om hans svar er at de handler nesten umiddelbart. Så snart som mulig og uten bivirkninger.

Por DeBoor

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