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Doing Business With the Consumer Or a Business - Similarities Or Diffe

MensajeEscrito el 21 Oct 2021 09:12 am
Marketing and selling to just a consumer [B2C] or to just a business [B2B] is now not enough; businesses now see the opportunity to capture a presence in both market segments. So, what are some of the differences or similarities with respect to Internet Marketing? The world has truly become smaller with the Internet as it continues to create opportunities every day. Businesses that only sold to other businesses are now seeing an opportunity to branch out and sell directly to the consumer, while products and services initially targeted to consumers are being approached by other businesses. So, when opportunity comes knocking you want to be ready to answer with a solution. Are there drastic marketing similarities and differences, or is the marketing tactics similar but different? Let us start with some of the similarities. As a business who sells products or services, you have to know who your customers are, their tendencies, their needs, and why you think they need what you have to sell. Some would consumer email list say that after knowing who your customer is, all future marketing and sales activity diverges between B2C and B2B, but I beg to differ. In addition to knowing your customer, you need to establish a good relationship. In the B2C world this relationship could be one-time or ongoing depending on what you are selling. The relationship could be driven by how your website looks, how it engages the customer, and how it gets to the point concerning what the consumer is looking for. While in the B2B world the relationship may take more time to establish, the sales cycle typically is much longer than in the B2C world. So, the chance of a prospective customer returning to your website countless times to learn more about who you are, what you do, who you service, and more, helps build the relationship in a dynamic fashion. Regardless, the relationship component is essential for a successful sale.

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MensajeEscrito el 28 Nov 2021 08:57 am
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