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The difference between Joomla and WordPress

MensajeEscrito el 25 May 2017 07:45 am
The difference between Joomla and WordPress

With regard to the questions that many of our users and students in choosing the type's content management system and the question that's always asked students WordPress training and Training Joomla choose? For this reason, we examine and compare the difference between Joomla and Wordpress consider friends have clear visibility to both CMS.

As we all know there are many content management systems, but only some of them are better known and more used. Such systems are known as WordPress and Joomla. So in this post the first to introduce WordPress and Joomla and then compare both look up to see a clearer choice than to find any.
What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS. At first only a free WordPress blogging system and good facilities are available to its users and then was introduced as a CMS to manage content sites.

WordPress content management system using existing WordPress plugin can include a variety of features. For example, to set up an online store with WordPress just one of the extensions that are designed for this purpose into your WordPress core.

For example, plug-ins and edd woocomerce are two WordPress plugin to launch online store to sell physical goods or download files are used. As well as the potential to become a social networking site or a forum or forums buddypress powerful plugin with plugin bbpress, in Wordpress there.

Due to the abundance and diversity of WordPress plugins WordPress site almost every feature can be added.

WordPress PHP programming language written and supported by MySQL.
What is WordPress features:

The installation, dynamism and flexibility, core portable, customized templates, libraries and templates WordPress plugins, support for the local time, set up (forum, online store) and ...
Use WordPress:

Implementation of blogs or personal sites, online stores and any website

Joomla, a web content management software that allows you to quickly and requires no technical expertise, to create and manage a website completely professional.

It features high flexibility and allowing you to do that every time you add new features to your website.

Joomla content management system is no limit to the customization, development, support, and is safe.
The use of Joomla:

Corporate websites or portals, personal websites, shop websites, web applications etc.
Features Joomla!

Customize menus, you can store the information in a database, manage and edit products and services, can be used for a variety of Web sites, ease of use admin panel, Forms Builder, update the kernel to Mdarvm, there is a high number of modules and Afrvnh in accordance with the standards of search engines, easy installation and ...
Reviews and conclusions of both systems:

- Both features are multiple templates. And each can be designed into a variety of websites.

- both extensions and plug-ins are many, but the number of WordPress plugins more.

- Find Joomla extensions is more difficult because it requires searching the web to find the desired extension. While WordPress can be found by searching for your desired plugin admin panel.

- WordPress plugin in the WordPress editor can edit codes in Joomla in this area, but there are limitations.

- both WordPress and Joomla in active and regular update.

- You can add any widget in the WordPress content management system and all possibilities to drag and drop widgets to any part of the site that allows placement of the transfer.

Widgets are available as modules in Joomla as well have been on the list for their selection should only do active and passive mode.

When you activate them according to your desire to do customization, you must select the desired module and go to the editor that your work requires a lot of time.

- WordPress CMS is great for content. To go to the text can be entered easily and can also be easily edited articles. You can also easily see a preview of your writing.

Joomla is easy to produce and add text, and nearly as WordPress is to say, with the preview post to WordPress easily and before the release of a draft can not be seen.

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MensajeEscrito el 05 Sep 2017 02:59 pm
I'm prefer joomla. Its more comfortable, need low skill requirements from user and intuitive interface like on paper grader website.

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