Production Company: The movie is produced by the 2 leading production houses – “Apaan Films” and “Cine Group Films”.

Director: The Director of “When Obama Loved Osama” is Sudhish Kumar Sharma. The movie is the 2nd project to him after “Hum Hai Teen Khurafaati”. Everyone knows that the first film of this director is a comedy & romance based one, he launched his 2nd project as well with the same theme.

Producer: Jaivindra Singh Bhati and Chaman Gupta produced this film with 7 to 8 co-producers. The approximate budget of this film is INR 30,000,000 and the movie gained the investment plus returns.

Music Director: Kashi Richard and Rishabh Sambhav Jain collectively provided music to this film and it is a definite musical hit.

Lyrics: Shweta Raj, Sambhav Jain

Singers: “Nasha Tera” by Jonita Gandhi & Sambhav Jain
“Dil Jugadu” by Arijit Singh & Aakanksha Sharma
“Muft Ki Mila Bas” by Divya Kumar & Bhoomi Triwedi
“Botal Brand New” by Pawni Pandey

Star cast: Amrita Acharya, Kimti Anand, Rahul Avana.

Story Line: The storyline moves around a guy named Aman Osama and a girl named Maggi Obama. The boy’s struggles to reach a girl are beautifully pictured in this film.

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Popular Songs: Botal Brand New, Nasha Tera, Dil Jugadu, Muft Ki Mila Bas

Plot Summary: Aman Osama, a muslim guy fells in love with Maggi Obama, a christian girl. Aman Osama’s father is a honest man and always bother his son through his funny and irritating acts. The film showcases the guy’s ways to reach the girl and also the craziest things that ever happened to a guy.

Runtime: 122 minutes until the end.

Review: The movie has been given U/A and it is a full-length comedy entertainer. It has gained some good feedback from the users as we can see good ratings in bookmyshow. The film concentrated on corruption, religions and politics in a lighter context which made the film a success. As the film captured all the crazy things a guy do for a girl which means it has an intriguing storyline.

Where you can watch: The movie was released in the month of July 2018 and it is no longer available to watch in theaters. However, users can watch this movie in Netflix, Hotstar etc.

Trailer Video: You can watch the official trailer of the movie by clicking the link below. If you are unable to open the link for some technical reason, don’t worry – just copy and paste this url into your browser –

Watch Official Trailer here

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